Tuesday, June 12, 2018

InnEdCO18 - Personalize Learning

Session 3, Day 2
The fine folks at Beacon Network Schools in Denver Public Schools will walk us through their  process over the last 7 years towards personalizing learning for students.

Slide Deck: tinyurl.com/BNSparty

Essential Elements leading to Personalized Learning:
-Blended Learning -- online & face-to-face learning, smaller groups, differentiated
-Critical Thinking
-Extended Day Opportunities
-Character Development -- measure the positives, focus on positive culture

I'm a big fan of their focus on character development and a strong culture. It's impossible for students to grow if were not focusing on the positive aspects of our students. As a colleague of mine has stated, "You can't grow the mind without first growing the heart."

Knoster Model:
Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan = Change
-if your missing one of the pieces, it will lead to confusion, frustration, apathy, or negativity

Breakout Sessions:
1) Classroom Redesign
    -giving students choice in where they want to learn
   -allow for the classroom to change from whole group, small group, partners, individual
2) Proficiency Scales
     -give students ability to work at their pace
     -once they show mastery in a standard (multiple different ways to show this) they move to the next "level" or standard
     -gives students choice and autonomy
3) Positive Rewards -- Live School
     -giving online points for positive behaviors around traits
     -app so can "catch" students in the hallways, cafe, outside & give points
     -students have access to their points
     -recognize students with most points every Friday

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