Tuesday, June 12, 2018

InnEdCO18 -- ELL Toolbox

Session 1, Day 2 of InnEdCO 2018. I've often been curious of the best ways to support our English language learners. These are a list of tools, either web browser extensions or websites, that target reading, speaking/listening, writing, and research skills. These tools should give students access to grade level materials while learning the language.

We use Read&Write in our building now so I left that off the lists (it specifically targets reading and speaking/listening skills)

Slide Deck: bit.ly/elltoolbox

Reading Tools:
Scrible  - extension/website - FREE, collaborate using sticky notes, saves websites/pdfs
Mercury Reader - extension -- FREE, removes distractions from websites

Flipgrid - website - FREE, adding stickers/likes/ to video recording created by students, but only 1 grid allowed; PAID, free features + comments on video & more than 1 grid

Language Tool - Doc Add-on - FREE, checks writing for grammar & spelling
SAS Curriculum Pathways Writing Reviser -- Doc Add-on -- FREE, checks writing for passive voice, repeated words, sentence variety, etc.

ReadWorks - Website - FREE, search to find article by grade/lexile level& assign to classes/groups
Choosito - Website - FREE, search engine allowing teachers to choose 4 lexile levels;  PAID, students have access to search engine, citation tool, website readability tool
Rewordify - Website - FREE, simplifies complex text, copy/paste text into website
Simple English Wikipedia - Website -FREE, wikipedia in simple English
Google Docs Explore - Tools menu within Docs - FREE, research & cite within Google Docs

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