Tuesday, June 12, 2018

InnEdCO 2018 - Personalized Professional Learning

Day 2, Session 2: How do we personalized PD for every teacher to meet their needs? We've all sat through mind numbing professional development where a slide deck was read to us word for word for a few hours. It's a terrible learning environment that fosters negativity and apathy. How do we meet our teachers' needs?

EdCamps - an "unconference" where the participants decide the topics and conversations.
1) Participant driven - teacher choice & voice
2) Free & open to all
3) Not planned presentations but organic conversations
4) Rule of 2 feet - leave the session if it doesn't meet your needs

NY Times article about EdCamps

How to organize your own EdCamp? (in building or larger scale)

Roles during EdCamp:
     -start conversations (share experience or have members generate questions)
     -invite participation
     -encourage dialogue & questions
     -if conversation dies out, start a new topic
     -ask questions
     -share ideas, experiences, opinions, resources
     -make connections with other members

How could you use this in a classroom?
-choice boards -- let the students choose presentation tools, teach each other
-book talks -- let students choose books to read, create questions, lead discussions
-comment any other ideas below

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