Wednesday, December 21, 2016

HyperDoc Handbook

Here's to the last day of the first semester!! I can't believe how quickly the year goes by. This will more than likely be my last post of the year. See you in 2017!

Over the break, I plan on reading the HyperDoc Handbook. It's a way to design lessons using Google Apps by doing the following:

1) Determine your objectives.
2) Select which learning cycle you will use.
3) Select your packaging.
4) Build the workflow.
5) Design the HyperDoc.

From what I can tell, a HyperDoc allows teachers to build in Differentiation, Personalization, and other Scaffolds to support students while providing rigor. It's supposed to go beyond a webquest but look more like a full lesson.

Learn more:
-TeacherCast episode with the authors:
-HyperDoc website:

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